The journey from vacuum tubes to flat panels:

Based on groundbreaking patented technology from UCLA, we are developing a lightweight x-ray emitter employing the Microemitter Array X-rays (MAX) technology - an x-ray source on a chip capable of delivering the same x-ray spectrum as traditional x-ray sources.

Our science team has developed a particle source that will deliver x-ray beams from microfabricated structures enabling MAX to be produced using the current generation of semiconductor foundry processes. The MAX source will produce diagnostic x-rays without the need for fragile vacuum tubes and bulky, expensive power electronics or radioactive materials.

The MAX technology in the form of a ‘flat-panel’ x-ray source has the potential to deliver advanced (and potentially safer) imaging options unavailable from current commercial x-ray systems, and extend the ‘application space’ of x-ray radiology.

A MAX-based imaging system, while useful in any medical context, is particularly suited requirements of a truly portable system by virtue of its low voltage operation, simplicity of design, and limited and robust components. These novel characteristics mean it can be light weight yet rugged, battery powered and have a small footprint - allowing it to be transported easily and deployed quickly.

The journey from tubes to flat panels promises to be as transformational in x-ray as it has been in visual displays.