3D imaging in dentistry is normally only provided by Cone Beam CT (CBCT), which can not be performed at the dentist chair and often requires referring the patient to a different provider. Adaptix’s technology will allow 3D imaging at the dentist’s chair using an intraoral detector.

  • High definition dental intraoral imaging at the dentist chair

  • Timely low cost and low dose advanced imaging whenever and wherever it is needed

  • Improved and detailed visualization of caries, root morphology, nerve location and other critical structures and pathologies

dental caries.PNG

Severity of dental caries much clearer on tomosynthesis slices acquired ex-vivo (a) vs conventional 2D PSP image acquired in-vivo (b). Tomosynthesis slice thickness 200µm and 50 x 50µm pixel resolution.

detnal 3.PNG
Tomosynthesis images are much less susceptible to metal artefacts compared with CBCT.

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