Employee Case Studies

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Sophie Pickering 

Assistant Financial Accountant 

I joined Adaptix as an apprentice after having completed my A Levels, with very little knowledge of accounting and no real work experience as I had only just left school. I have since completed my apprenticeship in Level 2 and Level 3 AAT Accounting and am now studying Level 4 as a permanent employee.

My job at Adaptix allows me day release to study but also gain work experience, helping me build the foundations of my career by gaining valuable work experience as well as a recognised qualification. Both the Finance Director and the CEO take great interest in my studies; my manager and I regularly reflect on what I’m currently studying and she’ll, where possible, incorporate the theory, I’m learning at college, into the tasks I am performing at work.

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Jack Ashby

Design Transfer Planner

I started working at Adaptix as an Intern in Laboratory testing and Physics over 2 years ago. Within the first couple of months the company met and exceeded my expectations for assisting in my professional development.  I worked on various projects across the company, applying much of my knowledge from university in the work place, sharing experiences with the multi-disciplinary team and learnt more about the potential directions my career could take. Furthermore, I was offered a permanent position where I worked between both science and engineering teams as the company grew.


Adaptix has also answered my career development needs within medical physics/devices.  I wanted to have more experience in working with radiation safety & protection. Along with support to learn from material I found and working with experts from outside the company, I also ran a major project of designing and building an X-Ray lab.  I have since progressed again within the company to a role within our production team, where we are in the process of establishing a world class manufacturing facility.


All team members have regular development meetings to ensure we stay on track with, and find ways to best improve, our continual learning experiences.  Thanks to this process, my interest in related topics within my field has actively been supported. This has been achieved through finding the right study material, recommended courses and even helped to find my own personal mentor from outside of the company.


In short, I have been encouraged, assisted and been offered (and taken!) many opportunities to grow within our small, growing company.  It is every individual’s responsibility to champion their own personal career development, but I feel Adaptix endeavours to go beyond by ensuring all employees continue to pursue what they enjoy most. Such as the belief is that people will do best what they are most passionate about.

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Sami Mughal

Electronics Engineer

I was lucky enough to join Adaptix as one of the earliest members of its team.  This has given me the unique opportunity to grow with the company. The company culture is great, and the emphasis is growing into leaders instead of becoming managers.  A common problem among engineering companies is the promotion of good engineers into managerial roles, without any training. Adaptix doesn't operate like this, and instead, it ensures that a suitable learning environment has been created for every member within the company. 


In order to aid our growth into leaders, Adaptix Ltd has organised a specialist training session that is direct towards the complete management team within the company.  The training course has been divided into monthly sessions, and each session focuses on aspects such as working as a team, delivering results, communications, etc. The main difference between this training course and the ones offered by everyone else is the fact that it isn't your generic team building exercise.  We are not standing around in a circle, telling what we appreciate about each other. Instead, the training session has been designed to focus on every individual's own strengths and weaknesses, and how it impacts each other on a team level. 


As a first-time manager, these training sessions have provided me with the correct platform on which to test and base myself.  This means that I can sit among my peers, with many years of experience, and learn with and from them. The training sessions are designed to bring out the cracks and do not shy away from awkward topics.  This means that we always come out stronger as individuals as well as mangers. 


The result is that I am wiser, can perform my day to day role with a lot more confidence, and know that I have the support of the complete management team at Adaptix. The job satisfaction this creates is priceless.