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All Digital Tomosynthesis (DT)  Images displayed here were acquired with an Adaptix prototype, using Flat Panel Source Geometry.

All images were acquired ex-vivo, unless mentioned otherwise.

Dental caries
Severity of dental caries much clearer on tomosynthesis slices acquired ex-vivo (a) vs. conventional 2D PSP image acquired in-vivo (b). Tomosynthesis slice thickness 200µm and 50 x 50µm pixel resolution.
Antique human wrist bones
DT Images of Antique human wrist bones that have had small holes drilled into them to tie them together
CBCT comparison
Adaptix images (top rows) vs CBCT of single tooth (bottom row). Note small cavity is clearly shown.
Frozen Pigs Trotter Slice
DT image of a frozen pig trotter showing the two upper toes and two lower toes separately rather than superimposed on each other as they would be in a 2D X-ray.
Simulated infection
Series of Adaptix slices through tooth. Area and extent of infection clearly seen behind the tooth.
Two canals within a single root
Series of contiguous slices showing 2 canals within a single root.
Unerupted 3rd molar
12 contiguous slices of an antique jaw showing molars in relation to nerve canal.
Accessory canals
Comparison of (a) 2D intraoral, (b) Adaptix dental prototype, (c) 80µm CBCT, (d) 250µm CBCT. Accessory canals clearly shown.
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Two canals within a single root

Series of contiguous slices showing 2 canals within a single root.