Transforming X-ray Imaging

Adaptix is revolutionising Radiology by producing an innovative miniaturised Flat Panel X-ray Source that can be integrated into a manufacturers existing product line. The complementary reconstruction algorithm that was developed in partnership with the University of Oxford, ensures the optimal calculation of a Digital Tomosynthesis volume in DICOM format.

Digital Tomosynthesis (DT) using conventional X-ray systems has already demonstrated its clinical potential beyond breast imaging. DT helps, for example, to better characterize equivocal lesions in planar chest X-ray and  can optimize the use of CT resources. The introduction of Adaptix's innovative distributed Flat Panel Source enables the design of compact, affordable DT systems that would allow more patients timely and easy access to  low-dose 3D imaging. 

Desktop 3D Wrist Imaging.jpg

Desktop Hand Imaging

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Bedside Imaging
Model of Dental Source with Patient.JPG
Dental Imaging