Bedside Chest Imaging

Compared to planar X-ray, Digital Tomosynthesis (DT) can increase diagnostic accuracy and reduce referrals to expensive and often high-dose CT exams. Adaptix’s technology allows the design of an inexpensive compact and lightweight system that can be deployed whenever and wherever it is needed. The geometry of the source will allow optimisation of acquisition parameter to the individual patient and the current clinical question.

  • Low-dose 3D chest imaging for patients who can’t easily travel to the Radiology Department

  • Higher diagnostic accuracy in point of care imaging of critically ill patients

  • 3D imaging for the most fragile patients in hospitals or for those in remote regions, disaster areas or war zones.

3 panel photo.png

Adaptix Bedside Mobile Imaging

patient to ICU NAvy.jpg
US Navy, Rebecca J. Moat/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Moving a critically ill patient to CT Scanner

chest slice.jpg

Chest tomosynthesis slice