Summer Internships 2019

Adaptix’s ever-popular Summer Internships are well under way with 4 exceptional students working on a range of exciting projects.

Each year we recruit talented, motivated and self-directed students to join our prestigious summer internship programme. Our interns have an opportunity to contribute to real-world projects with a high impact on our mission and technology. We have a proud tradition of providing 3-6 month paid internships for university undergraduates Our internships are shaped by the current work of the organisation and interns are given opportunities to undertake projects with a high impact on our mission and technology. The mentoring and practical industry experience they gain helps them to build their CVs and enhance their employment opportunities. Our internship programme has enabled young people to secure their first STEMM roles in industry and has made them more employable at the point of graduation. 28 students have participated in our internship programme over the past 5 years.

2019 students come from Warwick University, University of Cambridge, Nottingham Trent University and University of Surrey.

Talking about her internship Kate Renforth, a 2019 graduate from Warwick University says

“I've just finished studying an integrated Masters in physics (BSc MPhys) at Warwick. At Adaptix, I've been working on imaging with Dr. Steve Wells (Director of Product Management), collecting new experimental data in the labs, as well as reconstructing and analysing the results. I've also worked with Dr Vadim Soloviev (Software Developer) to gain a better understanding of how the software works and learning how to run my own reconstructions. Further work with Dr Steve Wells and Dr Conrad Dirckx (Project Manager) has helped me to understand which features are important to be able to see in different areas, so I can get the most out of the data we have. As well as imaging experiments, I've taken measurements to check dose rates for safety precautions for the X-Ray products and spent time making CAD designs for an Adaptix mammography product.

I've really enjoyed getting to work across a range of projects whilst at Adaptix and gain an insight into lab work outside of academia. As well as getting to apply the physics I've learnt throughout my degree I've had the opportunity to be involved with business meetings, both internal and with investors/collaborators, which has been a great opportunity to learn more about the operations side of Adaptix and gain some professional experience.

This Summer Internship been a great opportunity to get some experience which relates to my degree but is not involved with a university, which will hopefully be helpful in applying for more long-term jobs. The experience has confirmed I would enjoy working in an applied physics setting and has allowed me to refine my idea of what I would like in a job, allowing me to apply to more relevant positions.

Matthew Latham, a summer intern from the University of Cambridge who had previously joined us for an internship prior to his degree says;

“I am a second year Engineering Student at the University of Cambridge, planning to specialise into Mechanical Engineering and Thermodynamics in my third year.

At Adaptix, I am working on designing and building the TCAB. The TCAB is a prototype system using a moving X-ray source to acquire images that can then undergo reconstruction. This has involved CAD design work, machining and planning of parts that need to be purchased. I have also commissioned a new 3D printer, and have now been running it with parts designed for both the TCAB and other projects. I have really enjoyed returning to Adaptix! It is a great place to work, where everyone is really friendly and willing to mentor and teach me about everything. The project that I am working on is good for a 10 week internship, as it is achievable in the time, but also open ended enough that I won't run out of tasks. I have enjoyed the work as I can very quickly see parts and the entire prototype from initial design to use.Doing this internship has given me a great opportunity to see Engineering in practice and put things that I have learnt in my degree into practice. In my further studies I think it will benefit me as I have learnt more about designing and manufacturing parts, as well as time and project management.”

And International student, Konstantinos Pelesis commented; “ I have studied B.Sc. physics (University of Ioannina, Greece) and I currently study M.Sc. Medical Physics (University of Surrey, U.K.). I also have also successfully completed a postgraduate training course in Nanomedicine. At Adaptix I am trying to improve a Bremsstrahlung spectrum, using Monte Carlo simulations and a combination of techniques.”

When asked about whether he was enjoying his time at Adaptix he replied, “I really, really do! People are extremely friendly and supporting and always find time, when I ask for help, even though they are extremely busy. Adaptix Ltd has provided me with all the necessary equipment (high tech laptop, desk etc) to work efficiently - we even get fruit and ice-cream! This internship will be a huge boost for my CV. I have had a lot of seminars about very interesting topics, I see from the inside how a serious company works, I build an important network, improve my soft-skills and also gain knowledge from working on my project.”

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